“The OSHC is committed to protect Filipino workers, through OSH policies and programs, wherever and whenever they may be.”

Launched in 2011, the e-OSH is the online training platform of the Occupational Safety and Health Center. It is designed to enable more workers to have access to occupational safety and health (OSH) courses. The online courses include the mandatory e-Basic OSH or e-bosh and e-Construction OSH or e-cosh, free Appreciation Course for Drug-Free Workplace and CHANGE modules for employers and employees.

The upsurge in OSH awareness around the world has exponentially increased the number of workers taking OSH courses.  The OSHC has noted an increasing number of OFWs on leave from abroad who try to attend the various OSH trainings. Now, workers nationwide can avail of OSH trainings online and complete the course while at work.